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Simba Door has the history and experience as a leading and reputable solid wood door manufacturer with a strong market presence in Malaysia. 60% of our production is sold locally and the other 40% shipped overseas.

Excellent Product

All of Simba’s doors are precisely manufactured with the combination of technology and skill, including hand measurement and machine calibration. Only the highest quality end products are shipped to our customers.

Fast Dispatch
& Deliveries

Simba Door ensures every door, including custom-made doors, is shipped within 2 weeks from our factory after the confirmation of order and payment. Standard, ready-made doors are able to be delivered even quicker.

Total Customer

We aim to provide our customers the complete, professional sales package on topics such as identifying the customers’ design, confirming door specifications, cost budgeting, and providing after-sales support.

Our Strengths

Step-by-step quality control system; only the best products.

We at Simba Door aim to manufacture our doors according to our cost effective production methods while maintaining the highest quality standard required. To achieve this, we have implemented a step-by-step QC system where each stage is critical in developing the end product.

All doors are measured to specifications, both machine and hand checked.

This is one of our critical QC step where our staff confirms that the doors are according to the desired measurements after various production stages. Following a famous proverb, it is better to measure twice, cut once!

10 years of manufacturing experience and counting.

Throughout the years in the door manufacturing market, our production team is skilled and knowledgeable in various production areas. To date, we have produced over 7,000 types of personalized designs and custom sized doors for customers locally and abroad.

Efficient, made-to-order solutions for our customers.

We also provide tailored and custom solutions for all types of rooms and buildings, from personal homes to new housing projects. Do not hesitate to talk to us via email, phone, or even in person at either of our two locations.


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