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The technological production process and all the quality control methods in our production line.

Types of Timber & Wood

The two main types of Malaysian timber species available for Simba Door customers are:

  • Kedondong
  • Nyatoh

Each timber types has its unique physical look and feel while having various benefits and characteristics.

Feel free to visit us to personally experience every timber available at Simba Door.

Product Specialty

Simba Door recommends the well-known Nyatoh timber for new wooden doors as they are currently in high demand with merchants and consumers in the market.

We hope that when it comes to Nyatoh wooden doors, Simba Door’s brand comes first to most of the customers’ minds as the “preferred choice”, amongst other brands.

Types of Doors

To meet a wide range of customers’ requirements, Simba Door sells standard size ready-made doors and custom-made wooden doors. Various ready-made wooden doors are available for viewing and purchase both at our factory and our office.

For our custom-build doors, we will first consult our customers on the doors’ design and specifications. Upon confirming the doors’ critical details, the personalized projects are then manufactured on our production line according to our step-by-step quality control system. Most tailor-made wooden doors are able to leave the factory within two weeks from the confirmation of order and payment date.

Currently, 60% of our total sales make up our premade doors while the balance 40% comprises of made-to-order doors.

Simba Door Manufacturing Department

Our production team is versatile and knowledgeable in customizing doors, and to-date, we have produced over 7,000 different types of customized designs and non-standard sizes doors to support our credibility. We are able to add door accessories including handles, hinges, locks, and stained glass to our doors. We also provide various doors finishing such as coating, staining and varnishing to create a unique and personal touch.

6 Major Checkpoints of Our
Manufacturing Process

1) Quality of timber inspection

Simba Door procures and uses only the best cut of lumber from our supplier. Our production staff will inspect the timber cuts for any inadmissible defects. Removal of these wood blemishes such as knots and rot is made before proceeding to the next stage.

2) Kiln seasoning

Drying timber is an essential step to prevent damage on raw timber by all types of fungus and insect attacks, including mold and termite infestation. Drying also prevents unsupervised shrinking, where the green timber cuts splits and warps due to uneven shrinking. Simba Door employs dry-kiln seasoning, where the lumber cuts is kiln dried to reduce the moisture content of the timber to an acceptable level. After drying, the newly dried lumber is then stored to allow them stabilize and settle before use.

3) Wood sizing

Stored dried timber will be cut and planed for two major purposes. The first purpose is cutting into the various standard thickness and dimensions for molding and assembling door panels. The other major use is cutting into long solid pieces for door frames.

4) Joinery

Timber pieces selected for bonding are matched accordingly with their wood grain and pattern to produce a uniform and harmonious appearance. The major quality points of Simba Door’s joinery are that:

  • To provide the best bonding strength for joinery, high quality ‘Kossan’ glue is used which will strengthen the door’s overall structural and  dimensional stability.
  • All of Simba Door’s door frames are made from a single wood cut of the same lumber to also give a high quality standard and dimensional stability. Simba Door does not practice the “mix-and-match” application of materials for our door stiles just to save on cost.
  • Our wooden dowels are another major selling point in our nail-free joinery. Simba Door uses as many as 26 pieces of wooden dowels per door for joinery, way above the industry’s average standard application of 14 pieces of wooden dowels per door. This advantage makes a huge difference in reinforcing joint quality as it allows our doors’ dimensional stability to remain for a much longer period.
  • Our wooden dowels are made from 100% wood. Knowing its significance, Simba Door manufactures its very own wood dowels to precision from single pieces of wood as a critical quality control factor.

5) Final quality inspection and approval

Before leaving our factory, all of Simba Door’s completed doors will be subjected to a stringent inspection process to pass our quality check. Our quality inspection stage is implemented to confirm that every finished doors are as to our standard, such as: correct specifications and design details, is well-planed, and is sanded to a high level of smoothness. This quality check also ensures that the door is a perfect fit for a hassle-free installation for our customers.

Additional Services
and Touch-ups

Quality Door Painting and Finishing

We specialize in painting finishes for all your internal and external doors.
Please let us know if you would like to finish your door accordingly or even to get more information.

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